Identify or Find your plants:

Florida Native Plants,

Dave’s Garden,

Fine Gardening Guide,

Duval County Extension Office:

The Extension Office shares research from the University of Florida with citizens of Duval County. Citizens may sign up for classes every month. CONTACT INFORMATION: 1010 N. McDuff Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32254. (904) 255-7450.

Lawn & Garden Knowledge:

Florida gardening presents unique challenges, so the University of Florida offers research-based assistance, information, and advice. Whether you are developing a vegetable garden, choosing landscape plants, or seeking information about lawn care, our resources will help you make your yard green and beautiful.

Yard Calculation Knowledge:

Free Home and Garden Calculations Tools,

Find calculations for other items in your garden and around your house. Scroll down to see the list of options, then click on what you need to be transferred to the proper website. There are many helpful tools for the garden, (ex: fertilizer, garden size, plant spacing, watering, and more.)