Original Men’s Garden Club Charter of 1945.

The Men’s Garden Club of Jacksonville is a non profit organization founded in 1945. Our purpose is to learn about gardening, fellowship, and enrich our community. Members can participate in a monthly plant exchange, learn tips about gardening from peers as well as presentations by local gardening experts.

The Men’s Garden Club meets on the first Monday of each month from September to May. Our September meeting is held on the last Monday in August in observance of Labor Day the following Monday.


The mission of the Men’s Garden Club of Jacksonville holds fast to the dreams and ideals of those devoted men who organized the Club in 1945.

  1. To develop and promote the spirit of brotherhood among garden devotees and to promote civic interest and pride in individual or private gardens, community plantings, parks, and conservation areas.
  2. To advance gardening and excellence in horticulture throughout the city by offering scholarships and by acquiring knowledge in all phases of gardening.
  3. To devote its energies to the promotion of the full appreciation of gardens and the cultivation of higher ideals among the garden devotees.
  4. To promote the adoption of higher garden standards in communities for the benefit of individuals.
  5. To develop the love of growing plants in the hearts of children, particularly those whose opportunities are restricted, bringing them both the sheer love of gardening and the knowledge of how to do it.
  6. To promote the diversity of plant knowledge by the exchange of plants among members at meetings.

Officers & Directors

President:            Jim MacLean

Vice-President:   George Martin

Secretary:            Diane Seymore

Treasurer:            Courtland Hunter

Directors:             Ernest Bigelow

Director:               Billy Dorshetmer

Director:               Bill Huebner

Director:               Jim Love

Director:               Regina Purcell

Past President:   Robert Lowery

Please come enjoy yourself and have a good time!